20 June 2010

Color Roughs

These are the colors we're looking at for the film so far. These are rough color thumbnails of the storyboards throughout the film. We're trying to use color to both show the otherworldly feel of Cain's visions, establish the time of day and setting (earthy tones give it a more medieval look) and a give a contrast pre and post fire (the Crystalin is dark when they first enter, and the lighting changes when Cyrus casts the fire.)

Overall I'm really pleased with the direction of the colors. It's going to take some experimentation to see how to get these colors in the actual film without having to paint frame-by-frame, but I think it can be done with a combination of the 3D background's textures, the character's flat colors and paint layers added throughout in After Effects.

Colors by Tracy MacLauchlan


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