30 June 2010

Cyrus Point of View Color Roughs

by Tracy MacLauchlan

Tracy was playing around with the color scheme when the camera goes into Cyrus' POV and she came up with an interesting idea of making his viewpoint greyscale monochromatic for the most part (similar to his pale eye color). The auras as of right now will be faintly noticeable on the bystanders, really only flaring up when there's a strong emotion.

I like the idea. It kind of makes Cyrus mildly color blind except for the auras, and it also helps to make the auras stand out. Also it'll be easier to tell that you're looking through Cyrus' eyes in animation, because the camera is going to jitter (like a hand-held camera) and also glance around. Tracy also had a good suggestion of adding the sound of Cyrus breathing. I think that combination should make it clear enough.


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