26 June 2010

Deadline for Animation For Fire Scenes

Hey guys! I received word from Zelda (our fire animator) for what she needs in the animations for the fire shots. We need to have all animation that has fire roughed out by August 4 if we want to give Zelda enough time to add the fire. This includes all keys, breakdowns and in-betweens but does not have to be cleaned up.

I've re-uploaded the Shot Breakdown with a yellow highlight over every shot that abides by the deadline. The notes on the right list what needs to be done for each of those shots.

Not every part of the animation needs to be done for each shot in order to add the fire, only the parts that have direct fire interaction (for example, Cain doesn't need to be finished in most of these shots because he's not manipulating the fire, but he is needed for the shots where he and Cyrus are scythe/sword locked.)

Also, some of the shots cannot be started until the backgrounds are finished. Those shots are also marked in the Shot Breakdown.

Anyone who is interested in any of the fire shots, please let me know what you can have done by August 4 and I will mark you for those shots. We can do it!

And it will be glorious!


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