30 June 2010

SC152 Roughs In Progress

(6/30/10) Just started this about 3 and a half hours ago and will be continuing to update this animation each time I work on it. =) It's very, very rough right now. The part I am going to flesh out the most is when Cyrus moves his scythe and turns off the fire, since that's what I need to have done for Zelda. But this beginning part is necessary because it leads right into that motion.

Update (7/1/10): Added the animation of Cyrus turning off the fire and a little bit more after that. It still needs more easing when Cyrus turns off the fire (the part where his hand is closing into a fist and he's starting to bring the scythe down) because it moves a little too quickly. I'm also going to go back and fix the hand motion in the beginning for the next update as well. And, of course, the rest of the animation. I will probably stop it right when Cyrus is just about to get off the table, since I don't need that last part for the special effects. I just wanted to make sure I have enough animation before and after to make sure that there aren't any problems. Last thing I want to do is to pass off my animation for special effects then realize that there's a problem with the character animation that would change the fire animation if fixed. That would not be savory.

Update (7/2/10): Added more frames to Cyrus' hand gesture in the beginning, and more frames to slow down and smooth out some of the animation throughout. Although the end isn't finished (the part where Cyrus jumps off the table, looks and Cain and hits him), this piece may be done enough for now. I need to jump to the next fire sequence. But before I send the flash file off for special effects, I'm waiting one day just to get some critiques and make sure there's nothing off that I'm missing - especially for the part where Cyrus is turning off the fire. Thank you!

Update (7/2/10): Removed the blur when Cyrus is spinning his scythe around. The motion is too slow to need it anymore. The roughs will now be put on hold and sent off for fire effects. The rest of the shot will be continued later, once the other fire scenes are ready.


Looking cool so far. Is he supposed to be snapping his fingers there? If he is, then the part where his fingers are actually touching each other should stick a liiiiiitle bit longer so it reads as such. If you can snap your own fingers, you'll notice that there's a delay before the sound as your fingers rub up against each other. You have to push your fingers up against each other and across to get a sound. If you account for that friction, it'll look clearer.

If it isn't the case, it'd be cool if it was. Right now, though, it looks kind of muddled in the hand area. Keep it up!

Thank you! He wasn't originally meant to snap his fingers, but to gesture with his hand palm-up, then drop his hand down. However, the snapping of the fingers is an interesting idea I didn't think of before and something to play around with. Either way, he may need to have more ease his hand's up anyway, to give the gesture time to read.

I'll take a look at his hand for the next update and clean it up/add more frames if needed. Thanks again for your advice!!

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