21 June 2010

Shot Breakdown (Updated 12/15/10)

Updated: 12/15/2010

http://www.sapphiredragonstudios.com/images/ShotBreakdown.jpg - Click on this link to see the Shot Breakdown larger.

This is the breakdown of all of the shots. Currently, the animations in progress are marked, as well as which characters are in which scenes, what backgrounds are in which scenes, which shots are background-reliant (animation can't start until the backgrounds are complete) and which scenes contain fire effects. Later, the key at the bottom of the graph will be adjusted to account for roughs, lines, colors, shadows (if needed, most scenes will not), special lighting effects and compositing. Also, there will be a column dedicated to the level of anticipated difficulty for each of the shots, to help determine which animators would best fit the scenes. There may also be a column or mark for camera moves, eventually.


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