Fate Saga is a fantastical, action/drama animated series about fate and free will, and follows Cain, a knight who can see the future. With only glimpses of prophecies to guide him, Cain interferes in natural disasters and war in hopes of stopping his tragic visions from happening.

However, in a world on the brink of an apocalypse, is knowing the final outcome enough to change it?

Fate Saga is an original animated action/drama series taking place in a fantastical world based on Medieval Europe.

30 July 2010

Thesis Animatic - Version 23

Cain and Cyrus' final voices were recorded these past few days and the new dialogue's been included in this new version of the animatic. None of the visuals were changed.

From this point on, I'm going to make a new file and start incorporating the animation. There was a mistake in the process when I made the animatic (Accidentally had it set to 30fps instead of 24fps...oops). So incorporating animation doesn't turn out as well as I had hoped. So I'm going to make that my next priority after I finish more of the animations that require fire.

22 July 2010

Shot 147 Roughs

First draft (7/22/10): This is just the key frames, testing out the timing. I want Cain to have enough time to show that the realization is sinking in, and he's backing off from the fight. Cyrus also has a little bit of movement, glancing over to see what Cain's looking at, then looking up at Cain incredulously. I'm hoping to show Cain's surprise and the deflation of his anger, as well as Cyrus' confusion.

Update (7/22/10): Added in-betweens for Cain and Cyrus. Cyrus has more limited animation because the viewer's attention is meant to be on Cain primarily. The main purpose of this shot is to show Cain slowly sinking in the realization that he's nearly caused his own vision to happen. Cyrus is meant to look confused, unsure of what stopped Cain and what he's supposed to do.

Shot 144 Rough

Shot 144 will have more than limited animation, but more subtle than some of the greater action sequences. This is the shot where Cain slowly turns to look at the scythe and begins to realize that he's the one driving the fire into the table.

21 July 2010

Crystalin Signs

Crystalin sign designed by Yesenia Carrero

I've been really lucky to have a great graphic designer in the team. She's designing the signs for the town and for the Crystalin. I love the celtic look, I think it will fit very nicely in the medieval style of the tavern and world. The red I think both makes the sign pop, as well as unites the sign with Cain's visions.

More details on the design's progress can be found on her blog.

20 July 2010

Shot 133-140 Roughs with Background

This sequence mostly consists of limited animation. Most of the movement will be the characters shaking a little, and the fire.

19 July 2010

Shot 107 Roughs

Shot 107 Roughs.

I animated the camera in the 3D model first, then batch-rendered from that camera's POV and animated the characters on top of that.

18 July 2010

Shot 108-109 Roughs

Shot 108 and 109 roughed out by the amazing Tracy MacLauchlan!

I really like the anticipation and how different parts of his body move at different speeds, it keeps the motion feeling natural. Also, the movement of his left hand right after he sets the scythe on fire is very intricate and has really nice arcs. Finally, Cyrus' whole body has that nice noodle/whip motion that gives him a kind of creepy look. I love how it's coming out!

16 July 2010

Crystalin Camera Tests

Here are some tests I did with placing cameras in the Crystalin, taking screen shots and inserting them into the animations. The 2D/3D conversion looks atrocious right now because neither the characters nor backgrounds are rendered. This test is just to determine that the layout of the tables and accessories inside of the Crystalin leave enough space for the action to take place, while also positioned believably and allow for the camera angles to be interesting.

Shot 101-106

Shot 125-129

Shot 135-140

Shot 141-143

Shot 152

14 July 2010

Crystalin 3D Background In Progress Screenshots

Crystalin 3D model by Alyssa Seidl, Blake Harris, Britain Cramer and William Fagan

Here are some screen shots of the Crystalin in progress. I'm loving how it looks so far! I'm going to set up some of the scenes that are already animated and see if I have to rearrange some of the tables to add more space between them to make sure the characters can line up with them, and run some color tests. But so far I'm loving it!

Mega Upload

The projects space at SCAD is down at the moment, which lead me to look for other alternatives in case something like this were to happen. So I signed up for a free account at Mega Upload to provide another alternative. The first choice of course would be the project space, but if it's ever down, here's another place to upload work:

13 July 2010

Shot 135-140

Here is a sequence of shots that use more limited animation. Because the animation is so limited and I was satisfied with the storyboard's rendering, I went ahead and inked it based off of the storyboards.

06 July 2010

Shot 106-107 Fire

Here are some fire effects roughed out from the great and talented Zelda! I'm really liking it so far! I like how it starts off as a tiny flame then, when it flashes, fire bits fly everywhere and it's a larger, more impressive fireball.

04 July 2010

Shot 125-128 Roughs

Although shot 125 doesn't have any fire, it's necessary so I know Cyrus' position in shot 126, so they're being done together. Only 125 has the roughs done right now. Want to get the motion right so it can continue in shot 126.

Updates (7/6/10): Roughed out Cyrus' animation to Shot 126. Made small adjustments to shot 125, to better show the arc of motion in Cyrus' head. Going to work on Cain's animation, next.

Updates (7/7/10): Switched the foot Cyrus uses to catch himself. Consequently, now he moves more forward when he catches himself which makes the motion a little more dramatic. Still need to clean it up a bit and possibly add more tweens.

Updates (7/8/10): Began to add Cain. He's not done yet, and I think both may have to be moved over or shrunk down a bit. Mostly focused on animating Cain getting knocked back and showing him stumble. There's still a bit more to do with both Cain and Cyrus.

Updates (7/9/10): Finished up Cain's staggering animation so now both he and Cyrus ends in a fighting posture. I shrank both Cyrus and Cain because Cain started moving off screen, and it seemed better to shrink them both down and keep the distance between them. I still need to add the beginning of their next attacks and make some adjustments.

Updates (7/10/10): Added Cain and Cyrus' next attack. Cain now jumps into the air and Cyrus starts his lunge, then reacts to seeing Cain jump. Now it's ready to move into Shot 127.

Updates (7/10/10): Altered Cyrus' frames so that he and Cain are synchronized when they get into their fight stances.

Updates (7/11/10): Began Shot 127. Cyrus doesn't move right now. I wanted to make sure that the perspective works for him first before I add any frames. Cain's is a bit of a test

Updates (7/11/10): Finished Shot 127-ish, though there might be more to do with Cyrus. I started into Shot 128 to see how well 127 transitions into 128, and to see if I need to change Cyrus' ending posture in shot 127.

Updates (7/12/10): I changed the camera angle of Shot 128 because I realized the original shot 128 is nearly the same as shot 125 and it really didn't work for what I wanted it to do. So I changed it to a profile view. This way you could see the impact when Cain slams into Cyrus and they both move off screen. I'm hoping this will help to better lead it into Shot 129, when Cyrus gets pushed down onto the table.

Updates (7/13/10): Added in-betweens for Shot 127, for anticipation for when Cyrus is raising his scythe to block Cain. Also removed the last frame for Shot 128 so Cain and Cyrus no longer go entirely off screen.

03 July 2010

Shot 141-143 Roughs

This one has more limited animation. The first shot will probably have a boil (have the lines waiver/shake slightly to make Cain look like he's shaking) once it goes into lines/clean up. Boil doesn't work so well in roughs, I've noticed when I was trying to give him the boil now. I guess it makes more sense to do it once I have his final lines.