22 July 2010

Shot 147 Roughs

First draft (7/22/10): This is just the key frames, testing out the timing. I want Cain to have enough time to show that the realization is sinking in, and he's backing off from the fight. Cyrus also has a little bit of movement, glancing over to see what Cain's looking at, then looking up at Cain incredulously. I'm hoping to show Cain's surprise and the deflation of his anger, as well as Cyrus' confusion.

Update (7/22/10): Added in-betweens for Cain and Cyrus. Cyrus has more limited animation because the viewer's attention is meant to be on Cain primarily. The main purpose of this shot is to show Cain slowly sinking in the realization that he's nearly caused his own vision to happen. Cyrus is meant to look confused, unsure of what stopped Cain and what he's supposed to do.


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