01 August 2010

Shot 112 Roughs

These are the roughs for shot 112 in progress. This...is a pretty hard shot, to be honest. Cyrus was a little challenging but Cain is especially hard. Probably went through a good several false starts, especially since I wanted to synchronize it to the intensity of the yell.

The way I handled the camera move was by making the stage the width of the camera move (which is double the width of the stage - 1440 x 540px). Then I made a box in the Flash file that was the size of the camera view - 720x540px) and used a classic tween to move it from one side of the stage to the other, with some ease. That's how I calculated when to draw Cyrus since there wasn't any point in animating Cyrus when he's not visible on stage.

I used reference for both Cyrus and Cain, but much more loosely than what I originally intended. I had even considered rotoscoping Cain, but one of my earlier attempts with that just didn't work. It didn't feel like the animation mixed with the rest of my pilot, and rotoscope can be limiting. So there's no rotoscoping in this sequence. So in the end, I used the references only for a few of the poses so I'd have a loose guess for the foot placement and posture. I still need to work a bit on Cain, but here's the progress so far.

Updates: 8/1/2010 - Tweens and background have been added. Cain definitely will need some fixing once I get to clean up (he looks more like he's power walking than running, really). However I think it's more of an issue with some of Cain's poses. I'm overall very happy with the timing and Cyrus' roughs, and the movement of the camera. So for what I need for Zelda's fire, it's ready enough. And with the deadline fast approaching, I'll come back to this after I've hit the other fire scenes.


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