04 July 2010

Shot 125-128 Roughs

Although shot 125 doesn't have any fire, it's necessary so I know Cyrus' position in shot 126, so they're being done together. Only 125 has the roughs done right now. Want to get the motion right so it can continue in shot 126.

Updates (7/6/10): Roughed out Cyrus' animation to Shot 126. Made small adjustments to shot 125, to better show the arc of motion in Cyrus' head. Going to work on Cain's animation, next.

Updates (7/7/10): Switched the foot Cyrus uses to catch himself. Consequently, now he moves more forward when he catches himself which makes the motion a little more dramatic. Still need to clean it up a bit and possibly add more tweens.

Updates (7/8/10): Began to add Cain. He's not done yet, and I think both may have to be moved over or shrunk down a bit. Mostly focused on animating Cain getting knocked back and showing him stumble. There's still a bit more to do with both Cain and Cyrus.

Updates (7/9/10): Finished up Cain's staggering animation so now both he and Cyrus ends in a fighting posture. I shrank both Cyrus and Cain because Cain started moving off screen, and it seemed better to shrink them both down and keep the distance between them. I still need to add the beginning of their next attacks and make some adjustments.

Updates (7/10/10): Added Cain and Cyrus' next attack. Cain now jumps into the air and Cyrus starts his lunge, then reacts to seeing Cain jump. Now it's ready to move into Shot 127.

Updates (7/10/10): Altered Cyrus' frames so that he and Cain are synchronized when they get into their fight stances.

Updates (7/11/10): Began Shot 127. Cyrus doesn't move right now. I wanted to make sure that the perspective works for him first before I add any frames. Cain's is a bit of a test

Updates (7/11/10): Finished Shot 127-ish, though there might be more to do with Cyrus. I started into Shot 128 to see how well 127 transitions into 128, and to see if I need to change Cyrus' ending posture in shot 127.

Updates (7/12/10): I changed the camera angle of Shot 128 because I realized the original shot 128 is nearly the same as shot 125 and it really didn't work for what I wanted it to do. So I changed it to a profile view. This way you could see the impact when Cain slams into Cyrus and they both move off screen. I'm hoping this will help to better lead it into Shot 129, when Cyrus gets pushed down onto the table.

Updates (7/13/10): Added in-betweens for Shot 127, for anticipation for when Cyrus is raising his scythe to block Cain. Also removed the last frame for Shot 128 so Cain and Cyrus no longer go entirely off screen.


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