04 August 2010

Shot 110, 117-118, 145 and 147 Roughs

Shot 110 Roughs

This was a tough shot to do just because I didn't have much time to plan it. Originally I figured it would look better to make it look fast, so my first draft included speed lines and blurred motion. But it ended up looking more like a helicopter blade spinning over Cyrus' head and it didn't look like Cyrus was the one making it spin. So I went to my references with Tyler (A friend of mine who knows martial arts and was kind enough to re-enact some of Cain and Cyrus' moves on camera!), and focused on Cyrus' hand and arm motions to try and keep it true-er to real life - while of course pushing it a little.

Shot 117-118 Roughs by Tracy MacLauchlan

Once again Tracy did an excellent job with shots 117-118! I love the impact, how much Cyrus gets knocked back and how he sways like a stunned fighting game character. I really felt the intensity of the impact.

Shot 145 Roughs

Not much to this shot. It's the moment Cain realizes what he's doing. I wanted the eyes to show the expression first (mainly the pupil/iris) and the rest follow suit. I also felt the sweat would be a nice touch.

Shot 147

This is a fairly simple shot as well. I wanted to get some of the easier shots out of the way while I'm confined to the tablet, now that the fire scenes are done! It's simply Cyrus reacting with confusion to Cain's sudden lack of bloodlust.


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