31 August 2010

Shot 152 Updated (Edited 9/6/10)

Updates 9/6/10: I had some critiques that Cyrus was changing hand position on the scythe too much in the end before he strikes Cain, which implies that the scythe is much longer in the end than it is in the beginning. After carefully looking it over and comparing it to the first time he adjusts his hand position earlier in the animation, I think they were right and the scythe did seem too long. So I went back and kept the same time length, but slowed the animation down so he shifts the scythe in his hands less than before. I think it does look better now! Thanks everyone for your help!

Updates 9/4/10: To resolve the problem with anticipation and impact of when Cyrus knocks Cain out of his path, I added more frames in between when Cyrus pushes off of the table and when he hits Cain. This gives Cyrus a pause, where he's shifting hand position on the scythe while watching Cain. This pause gives Cyrus thinking time, and the viewer a moment to make sure the action doesn't get ahead of them.

I'm still tweaking the impact, particularly on Cain's part. I want to show a bit of whip action in Cain's neck as his head drops down and his body flies back. However, it's been challenging to do so while keeping the action quick enough. With school coming quickly in the horizon, I think I'm going to set this animation to the side and continue working on others, until I can get the critiques of my professors.

I anticipate that I'll be going back to many of these animations and tweak them before they go into inking/clean up. The best I can think of to do right now is to have as many animations ready to show (both individually and together for shot-by-shot flow) by the time school starts.

Original Post: I've started adding the rest of the animation when Cyrus slams the butt of his scythe into Cain and knocks him off screen. I'm still making adjustments to the impact and the anticipation on Cyrus' part. Because Cyrus shifts the scythe from holding it right at the end, to holding it right at the base of the blades, I needed Cyrus to shift his hand position back towards the middle/lower part of the scythe. So during his anticipation, he's supposed to throw the scythe back and catch it in a quick motion.

I don't think the change in hand position on the scythe reads that clearly, but adding more frames makes the motion too slow and the most important aspect of that motion is to show the impact. I think it works to a degree, but I will probably switch to a different sequence and go back and mess around with this shot again in the future.


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