05 August 2010

Test Comp v7 Updated 9/07/10

Here's a quick compilation of the animations that have been done thus far put together in sequence. The gaps are filled with the storyboards and there's one blank gap. The timing of the storyboard's isn't perfect and there's no sound yet other than Cain's scream of righteous fury. This is just a test to see how the clips are meshing together in sequence.

9/9/10: Added more dialogue to the composite. Added extra frames at the end of shot 152 because I felt it cut too abruptly. Began animation for shots 153 and 155.

9/7/10: Added Zelda's fire to shots 107, 111, 112, 113, 118, 126, 127, 144. Fixed Cain's eyes in shot 143 so now he looks more like he's looking down at the fire instead of looking over it. Adjusted his animation a little in shot 144. Added shots 130-132, and added the ending animation to shot 152.

8/7/10: Added Cyrus' maniacal laugh, Zelda's fire on shots 133, 134, 137, 140 and 151, rough animation sequences for shots 115, 116, 119 and 122.

I really wanted to do the shots before and after the sequences Tracy handled (117-118). I loved her impact so I really wanted to make Shot 116 have the same amount of force that is implied in her animations. I like how the shots are flowing.

I think tomorrow I'm going to play around with shots 120 and 121. I would really like to try and complete those and as many other connecting sequences as I can before I visit family in NY on Monday. I'll be there for 10 days and, from then on, redirect some of my focus on the Thesis paper and preparing for a class I'm teaching next quarter. This blog will continue to be updated, just possibly not as frequently.

I wonder if I should make a new blog chronicling my research with the paper? I didn't intend to originally, but it may be an interesting way of keeping track and give others the opportunity to give their input.

8/7/10: Added shots 111 and 120. Fixed shot 144 (143 and 144 both had Cain look over, so that it appeared that he looks in the same direction twice.). I want to work on 121 and fix 143 next. (143 has Cain's eyes looking up above the fire instead of down at it. It'll be a quick fix once I get to it)

8/8/10: Added shots 121, 123 and 124.

8/26/10: Added Zelda's gorgeous fire to several of the shots! Sorry for the temporary lull in updates. As I had warned previously, I had to redirect my focus to the Thesis paper and the class I'm teaching next quarter, but I will soon be working on a little bit more animation to get as far as I can before the quarter starts. Once it starts, I will probably be updating the blog more frequently again since working on the Thesis film will be a very high priority.


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