14 September 2010

Music Score Test

This is a music test done by Ryan McCullough. Personally I think it's brilliant so far. I love how the mood is so well synchronized with the action going on screen, it adds so much tension! Even without the dialogue and the animation not yet fully rendered, the music brings so much mood and intensity.

The footage on here is a little older because this is the most current version I had at the time he was working on it. I am currently in the process of placing the sound from this video into the comp, but I need to make some adjustments to the animation to sync it better to the sound. Some of the newer animation sequences are a little longer than the storyboards he had to work with and honestly it might work better to shorten some of the animation (there's a sequence I think might be a little too long anyway). So I want to do that and also have my professors look at the animation before having Ryan make any timing changes with the music.

It makes me so excited to see everything starting to come together!


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