20 September 2010

Pilot Trailer (Updated 9/21/10)

So, in keeping aware of the March deadline for my Thesis, I decided to make a cushion by creating a trailer for the pilot as my actual Thesis project so I could have more time to work on the film when I graduate (instead of having to rush everything and risk not graduating in time). The film will still be continued after my graduation, but using a trailer to fulfill the requirements of my Thesis will let me spend the time I need on the film without having to rush it as much as I may have had to otherwise.

Consequently, the animations for the shots used in this trailer will be finished, colored and rendered first. Strategically, many of the shots in the trailer are already ones completed for the film, and this will give me directions for which animations to work on next. It'll be interesting to work on shots outside of the Crystalin since all of my efforts had been concentrated in there all summer.

Music is a piece of the film's soundtrack, by Ryan McCullough.


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