04 September 2010

Shots 130-132 In Progress (updated 9/6/10)

Updates (9/6/10): Filled in the rest of the frames for shot 131. Reorganized some of the frames to tweak the easing.

Update (9/5/10): Added shot 132, and added more frames to shot 131. Shot 131 still needs more frames in the end (about 3, I think, for the easing) and then the roughs for this sequence will be finished!

Original Post: Right now, only shots 130 and 131 have anything to show. But shot 132 will also be in this file. There really isn't that much to these shots. What's been taking this shot awhile is not that it's complicated, but because there's not that much movement and even in roughs I have to be careful to make sure the subtleness in between each keyframe is enough to see the movement without it being too jumpy/jarring. I also have to be careful about it being too swimmy, which shot 131 might be. I may go back and make some adjustments, such as making Cyrus' facial expression more snappy (instead of gradually changing expression like the rest of his motion) before I continue onto shot 132.


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