19 October 2010

Shot 108 Clean Up (Updated 10/22/10)

Clean up Keyframes and Breakdowns

Clean up with InBetweens

EDIT 10/22/10: Finished! Finally! Wow, clean up takes a long time even when the roughs are already clean and well done to start with

Original Post: Currently I am working on several shots at once, including the clean up on Tracy's roughs for shot 108.

I've noticed recently that clean up isn't something that is taught at length at SCAD. I learned most of my clean up practices from Humoring the Fates Animation Studio, and it surprised me that it wasn't something touched upon too much at the school. I guess it makes sense, when the primarily objective is to teach the principles. This is the reason I think helping others with their films is a good idea, not just because of networking but because it brings about scenarios similar to what you'll encounter in the business world, that you really can't prepare for until the time comes.

My clean up practices is basically to draw over the roughs for all of the keyframes and breakdowns, taking into account the position of the previous and later line art. What I'm going to do next is go back and fill in the in-betweens, but using the onion skin feature in Flash much more strongly to try and avoid the line shakiness and popping that sometimes comes with bad clean up jobs.


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