11 October 2010

Test 2D/3D Conversion Color Concept - Crystalin Interior

Colors by Tracy MacLauchlan

Edit: Two more of the different color alternatives for environment pre-and-post fire. The top image is the one we're going with. We like that the firelight guides the eye to the fire, while Cyrus is neither too dark nor is he burned out by the bright firelight.

Original Post: Here is one version of a test color for the interior of the Crystalin. Even with just the character colored and an overlay of a single color over the background, the 2D/3D differences aren't as prominent. Since the Crystalin is cast in darkness most of the time, it would probably be best for the textures to be simple. The hardest part might when the fire light is close to the table and when Cain first gets thrown into the Crystalin, because the lighting from the outside will come in for that brief period.


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