26 November 2010

Shot 47 Roughs

Animation by Dana Corrigan

Shot 47 is a run cycle, this video is just the cycle repeated a few times. It's weird getting used to the tablet again. I already miss the Cintiqs.

This is a short sequence, and what I wanted to focus on was the motion of the arms and the hair, as well as the rise and fall of Cain's body. That was the best way I could think of that would imply that he's running despite the fact that the viewer can't see his legs. This cycle is one of the few animations in the film done entirely on ones, because I didn't feel like you'd be able to see the motion well enough on twos and it's a cycle. Since the animation will play over and over again, I feel that the animation needs to feel believable or it'll really stand out.

I think the hair and some of the volumes need some work, but I like how the motion of the arms is coming out so far.


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