13 December 2010

SC062 Roughs

Rough animation by YoonJeong Jo

This is the current roughs in progress for Cain, for Shot 62. Cyrus is going to be mostly (if not entirely) still. Acting emphasis is on Cain being both polite but in a rush - so it's important that Cain seems urgent.


I think with the way Cain is intonating, he should be looking away while he says that. Maybe still looking around, only glancing at Cyrus. He sounds too rushed to be affording the time to looking at a stranger with a beef.

Thanks Ryan! That's a good point! I brought it up with YoonJeong and we're going to see how it looks if Cain's mostly looking around in the general direction he's about to move to - only briefly glancing back at Cyrus. :D

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