10 December 2010

Shot 108 Fire Alt - Ryan's Version

Character animation by Tracy MacLauchlan, clean up by Dana Corrigan, colors by Megan Miller, Fire animation and clean up by Zelda Vinciguerra, background models by Alyssa Seidl, William Blake Harris and Suzanne "Uzi" Souza. Background textures by Suzanne "Uzi" Souza. Composite by Dana Corrigan and Ryan Gatts

Ryan gave me some great suggestions for some alterations to make for the compositing to give a better sense of heat from the fire and give a nicer aesthetic. This was the version he sent me after he had played around with some of the effects and particles. I really like what he did with it. I like the little embers and the brightness of the fire which makes it look very hot, and magical. I'm playing around with some of the other shots to get a look similar to this, and will post those next. If there are some shots you like more than others or any suggestions, let me know as I'm still in the process of experimentation.


I think I like this one the best out of all the fire composite tests so far, I just wish the transparency flicker was a liiiiitle bit more noticeable.

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