10 December 2010

Shot 109 Composite Test version 2

Animation by Tracy MacLauchlan. Clean up by Dana Corrigan. Fire roughs and clean up by Zelda Vinciguerra. Background models by Alyssa Seidl, William Blake Harris and Susan "Uzi" Souza. Textures by Susan "Uzi" Souza. Composite by Dana Corrigan with help from Ryan Gatts

Based off of a rendered version of 108 that Ryan sent me, I made some alterations to shot 109's colors and set up. It's not exactly the same, and I couldn't add embers because I am using a trial version of After Effects and don't have access to some of the particle effects, but I like how it's coming out. I am concerned that the fire might be too bright, and might tweak some of the settings to bring some of the brightness down. Any suggestions, ideas or if you prefer the set up of one shot over the others, please let me know! Their settings are similar, but there are some differences (the biggest being the fire itself, and some of the contrast in the colors of the scene.


Yeah, it's definitely looking a little too bright there. I also think it looks a bit too crisp for the distance it's at and a bit too solid as well. Usually with this sort of thing if you have a concern about it, your concern's probably right on the money. XD

I'm of a bit different opinion:

As the scene stands now, yes it is too bright. But I think when the textures are there and when the character is there, I think you'll be happier with the look. If it's the focal point of the scene, why not make it stand out? (as long as the scene still jibes tonally with it chronological neighbors) :)

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