10 December 2010

Shot 113-114 Composite Fire Test Version 2

Animation by Dana Corrigan, Clean up and color by Chrystal Giambastiani. Background models by Alyssa Seidl, William Blake Harris and Suzanne "Uzi" Souza. Fire animation and clean up by Zelda Vinciguerra. Composite by Dana Corrigan, with help from Ryan Gatts

Looking at the version of the composite fire that Ryan did, I tried emulating some of the effects on here. I'm using a trial version of After Effects, so I can't add the ember particles that he had. I'll have to wait until I can use the school's computers again before I can try that. But otherwise, I also toned down some of the effects because the fire is so close to the viewer, I wanted the viewer to be able to see through the flames due to the close proximity.


I think the transparency on this one's a little -too- high. It's making the outlines on the scythe stand out to the point where it's becoming a focal point and looks rather odd. If the entire scythe were just a dark silhouette under the fire it might not look as odd, but right now with the outlines as bold as they are it seems off.

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