05 December 2010

Shot 113-114 Composite Test with Motion Blur and Final Fire (Updated)

Background Model by Alyssa Seidl, William Blake Harris and Suzanne "Uzi" Souza. Textures by Suzanne "Uzi" Souza. Animation by Dana Corrigan. Clean Up and Color by Chrystal Giambastiani. Fire animation and clean up by Zelda Vinciguerra. Composite by Dana Corrigan

This is a test for the fire compositing into the scene. I've run the same effects on this fire as I did for the fire for Shot 108. I really like how those transparencies work in this shot because, with the fire segments on top of each other, you can only really see through the fire along the edges the most, while the area in the center is more opaque.

Any suggestions on the fire effects would be great! It's still an experiment with me so I'm willing to try any ideas!

Updates: Added motion blur to the scythe.


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