17 December 2010

Shot 61 Roughs

Animation by Amanda Christensen

In this shot, Cyrus throws down Cain's cape and tells him off. The fun part of this sequence is that, for anyone who doesn't know the character, what Cyrus is saying makes no sense. This is especially true for Cain, who has only just run into him.

This shot relies entirely on acting, and it was important to show how irate/unreasonable Cyrus is, as well as display how his actions would make him look crazy to Cain (or more crazy than usual) but, hopefully, it makes more sense to the audience because by now it should be established that he is an empath.

I thought Amanda was a brave soul for wanting to try this shot, because this was a hard one. But I love the acting in it! I love the broad gestures he uses for emphasis, and the more subtle gestures he uses when he says "every pore."

Issues with the model I think I'll be able to handle once I get to inking. I always ink the shots that anyone else animated because, especially with how quickly these shots need to get done, I can't expect everyone to be able to rough animate completely on model - and I don't want to give other clean up artists roughs that are off model. So currently I clean the shots roughed by other people (or my own shots if I feel they are very complicated/too rough to pass on easily), and pass off my rough animations to the others for clean up. So far it seems to work well. As long as the rough's volumes and proportions are close enough, I can fix the issues in the cleaning process.

Also, this is one of the shots where it's amusing to press the pause button and look at the in-betweens.


Gorgeous! I absolutely love the "every pore" part. Very great acting in this piece!

I know! Amanda did an amazing job with the acting!

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