14 December 2010

Shot 63-65 Roughs (Updated 12/20/10)

Rough animation by Dana Corrigan

Update (12/20/10): I detailed Cyrus' head a little bit more during the new animation, and added his mouthshapes. His model isn't perfect, but I think I'd be better off focusing on making sure his overall motion is good and fix the issues with his proportions/volumes/etc. when I get to the clean up stage (or, to be more precise, when I can work on it with a Cintiq). I think it's ready for me to move on to the next shot, until I come back for the inking.

Update (12/18/10): I lengthened shot 65 so it encompasses more of the dialogue, and extended the part where Cyrus is crouched down to add animation to his head/shoulders to connect his motions to the dialogue. Tracy made a great suggestion about adding a moving hold and using his head to accent the dialogue, and I think it works pretty well! I'm holding off on adding the details and mouth shapes until I have fresher eyes than mine look at it and make sure it actually does look like Cyrus is talking.

Update (12/16/10): Detailed Cyrus' roughs, except for his mouth because I've realized that the voice acting doesn't match the motion. The voice doesn't sound strained enough for Cyrus' physical exertion, and I can't re-record it with the same person. So there are a couple of ways to resolve it: 1) Remove the line and just have him attack. 2) Have him say the entire line while Cain's on screen. 3) Change the placement of the line so it's mostly when Cain's there, but you see the beginning of Cyrus' crouching before the line ends. The voice acting might work a little better before he lunges. 4) Have Cyrus pause in mid-crouch and finish the line, then lunge.

#1 might work but I think Cyrus would say something right before he attacks. When he's angry, he rants so it's more in character for him to speak right before he attacks. #2 Timing felt slow. #4 Didn't feel right or in character for Cyrus to sit still and wait to finish the line. The attack is spontaneous (or, more accurately, Cyrus can't control his temper so well), so for him to stop to finish talking would make the attack feel more deliberate/pre-planned.

Right now I'm going the route of #3 so the timing is a bit different now. I think it's working the best though I'm still shuffling the frames with the audio back and forth.

Also I think Cyrus' head gets too big when he's leaning forward but I'll fix that the next time I work on it.

(Original Post) The only shot I'm really animating for this right now is shot 65 because it's in the trailer. Shot 63 has been started but it's very bare right now. Shot 66 is going to be animated separately but the storyboards are placed here as a reference.


Oh man, I really love the ending part of this animation Dana. I know you really want to do those crazy camera angle stuff in your animation, and I think this is a really good indicator that you'll get there someday soon.

However, I agree- the dialogue really doesn't match the motion.

Another idea, though, and I don't know how well it would work but maybe add a moving hold after Cyrus whips out the scythes (where he's crouching down, just continue that down bit by bit) so he can finish "your time?!" (and move his head to hit the accents of that time), and then have him lunge?

Anyway, I know you'll figure it out. Also, this is absolutely amazing considering what you're working with right now. You're such a hard worker and all your dedication really shows. Keep up the great work.

Thanks Tracy! Haha yeah, my dream is to eventually do those crazy dynamic animation like you see in the higher budget shots in anime.

And that's a good idea, with the moving hold and using Cyrus' head position to hit the accents of the dialogue! I'm going to try that route and see how it goes! Thanks again!!

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