24 January 2011

Fate Saga Logo Animation

Logo animation by Ryan Gatts

Ryan was nice enough to make this gorgeous logo animation for Fate Saga. I really love what he did with the smoke and particles, and I like the brown color of the logo. I had been playing around different font styles for a Fate Saga logo myself throughout the weekend and I had been going with an old English manuscript-type fonts (like Blackletter) and though they looked nice, I was going to try a font that was more bold, like something that was engraved into a sword just to see what it would look like. Ryan beat me to the punch with that, and I like the font he used.

The serif I think still makes it look old while still being large, imposing and easy to read. I'm going to show it to some graphic designers who have more experience with fonts than I do for critique, but so far I like it and I love the animation!


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