11 January 2011

Fate Saga Pilot Trailer Version 10 (Updated 1/19/11)

Update 1/12/11: Adjusted the beginning, reversing when Cain's eye opens in close up and in mid-shot. Now you see him wake up first, then his eye open in close up. It looks more dramatic and better synced with the music.

With many of the animations farther along and some nearly complete, as well as my beginning efforts to find some motion media help, I felt it was time to tackle the trailer again and update it.

I tried as much as I could to primarily focus on animation that is at least already started, to see what extra shots absolutely had to be finished by March. Turns out I was able to use a good amount of shots, and omit several ones that hadn't had a chance to be started yet. I know the timing is off on certain parts and the text is absolutely dreadful. I am just hoping to use this as an example of what I had in mind.


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