25 January 2011

Fate Saga Trailer Version 16 (Updated 2/1/11)

Updated 2/1/11: Added new animation by Reed Gauthier and clean up by Amelia Colvig.

Updated 1/31/11: The text motion graphics by the amazing Aaron Cornette! Logo text/animation by Ryan Gatts. It's so exciting to see some almost all of the animation started! And some are in the inking/coloring process! Cain in shot 15 is animated by Kelsey Norden.

Added shots that have composites with updated color effects and logo done by the amazing Ryan Gatts. Shot 108 and 118 have updated fire animation thanks to the lovely Zelda. Inks and colors for several other shots done by Zachary Zion, Chrystal Giambastiani, Reed Gauthier, Rose Moore and Katie Jones. Every bystander you see has been rough animated by Amanda Christensen, as well as everyone (including Cyrus) in shot 46. Cyrus in shot 45 is animated by Stefanie Kocian

And I am happy to say that every shot that has not yet been started in this trailer has been assigned. I think we may actually be able to get everything animated by February 10, when I need to send it to our sound designer! Also, almost every rough animation in the trailer has been passed off for clean up, and every cleaned shot has been passed for color! So there should be some great updates soon to come!


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