09 January 2011

Fate Saga Version 22

This is the most current version of Fate Saga's television pilot. There is now new rough animation throughout the first half of the film, before the fighting begins. There is also shots towards the end that are being composited - some closer to completion than others. Larkspur also has a new voice.



You know, without the befuddlement... I'd love to help...

But I have no experience whatsoever in animation... or anything that could be of use... cept maybe I could spam it on everthing...

But anything a 15 year old Irish girl with...what does I have... average drawing talents and an inability to say the letter t can do, I will gladly oblige, if... you need help.

I take my previous doubt back, this thing needs me like fishes need other fishes so they won't get lonesome. Do you want to be like a lonesome fish? I should think not. Fishes need friends too!

Do they? *Goes to wonder this*

They do. Definitely.

Wow, I didn't know anyone had commented on here!

Hey, spamming Fate Saga on everything is a perfectly great and useful thing! I certainly don't want to be like a lonesome fish. ;) If you'd like to help, we certainly appreciate it!

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to comment!

/I wonder what time it is?/
"It's seven o'clock."

"Your fat makes you look fat!"

This is so wonderful~

Is there any way to download the music on here? I love it so much.

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