07 January 2011

Shot 067 Roughs

Rough animation by Ryan Gatts

Like Amanda, Ryan's also pretty good with economical use of frames. Cain here is wearing a cape although in the film, he's lost the cape by this time - my fault, as the storyboards and animatic had been changed several times and an earlier version of the film had Cain lose his cape -after- the fight began. It was moved to before the fight because it made more sense to both of their characters and it also discarded what would be a pain in the butt to animate sooner. Since I'll be inking it, the cape doesn't have to be fixed since I'll be fixing the issues with the model anyway.

And I do really like the way the camera zooms in on Cain's eye at the end. In the shot prior, when Cyrus lunges into the camera the last thing you see is his eye in an extreme close up. I'll need to combine the shots to make sure the transitions look as nice as I think it will, which I'll be getting to next.


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