06 February 2011

SC047 Final Render

Animation and Clean Up by Dana Corrigan. Colors by Maddy Rojo. Background Models by Amy Galletta. Composite by Dana Corrigan and Ryan Gatts. Texture, Lighting, Matte Painting and Particles by Ryan Gatts.

We have our very first completely finished final render of Fate Saga! This includes all color correction, final animation, background render and particles. Unless any problem is noted and needs correction, this scene should be completely done.

Admittedly this is a very exciting moment, to see everything coming together and how the 2D and 3D is now converging so well! The rest of the town backgrounds will also be matte painted although the Crystalin will remain without matte paints because we get enough colors and texture from the 3D file itself and the color in After Effects.


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