20 April 2011

Cain Animation Test

This was an animation test for Cain, done in Spring 2009 in anticipation of beginning the pilot. The colors are before Tracy took over color concepts, and most of the characters featured in it have their older designs. Cain is missing his scar because his scar was in the process of a redesign. His older version's was too detailed and unnecessarily difficult to animate.

The acting point was to show Cain in an emotive state - exhausted and defeated. The other characters and layout were set to imply that a great and terrible battle had occurred and everyone had essentially lost. Cain, in all his knightly heroics, is the first to wake up. I wanted to show a lot of weight, especially because of his exhaustion (everything always feels much heavier on tired muscles). At the end, his determination and resolve overcomes his exhaustion and he's ready to fight again.


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