15 April 2011

Cain Gift Art and Pitch Book Cover

This was a gift art by a dear friend and extremely talented artist, Tracy MacLauchlan. I was so inspired by the piece that it's not only featured in the pitch book, but the background behind Cain was inked and colored for the cover. The inks and colors were done by another dear and incredibly talented artist, Yesenia Carrero. I did a few adjustments and added the logo.

I would have added Cain to the cover as well, but for those new to Fate Saga, seeing a cover of a knight kneeling and bleeding on the floor might give the wrong impression.

Feel free to check out their blogs here: http://www.titosjams.blogspot.com/ and http://www.jessoutrageous.blogspot.com/ as well as the blog for their collaborative story, The Taffetas - http://www.thetaffetas.blogspot.com/


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