23 April 2011

Character Voice Acting Scripts

Pictures and general descriptions of the characters can be found in the character section here.

These are voice acting test scripts for each of the characters. Currently Larkspur, Rori and Lukas are taken, and some of the others have voice actors who are in the running (their tests will eventually be up on the blog as well). You're welcome to try for any or all of the characters*, and the best of the tests will be posted on the blog.

- You can try out for characters who are taken, however the characters who are listed as taken currently have voice actors that sound so close to perfect that I don't think a better match can be found.

Cain: Noble, knightly. General 'hero' tone. He has a British accent and talks in a dignified, nobleman tone.

“Excuse me, do you know where the Crystalin is? Thank you—excuse me! Do you—do you know where the Crystalin is?! Please!” Urgent. Worried but not panicked.

“No…!” breathless no.

“NO!” Much louder, more aggressive no.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“So you’re willing to sacrifice this innocent creature to cure your so-called disease?! Do you even realize that the monster you’ve become has nothing to do with your lycanthropy! If you’re willing to sink so low—you won’t have any humanity left to salvage!” Cain patronizing Rori when he realizes that Rori is trying to steal a Draken egg to give to Lukas for experimentation.

“I have seen Kantarok in flames, caused by a dragon. You have to believe me, Sire. I see it so vividly it feels like it has happened before. At least…let me take a scouting group out there, make sure the dragon isn’t plotting to…to…”

“Yes…uh… good…?” Cain awkwardly replying to Larkspur when she asks him to choose which sound is better.

“How did a boy like him come from a disgrace like you? You have lost your right to claim Guile as your kin. For you to call yourself a knight…after you betrayed your country?! After what you did to your family?! A knight without a country or family to protect is hardly a knight at all!”

“Why… why must every vision be of something terrible? I wish, even if only just once, I could see a positive future.”

Cyrus: I think Cyrus would be the hardest character to voice because of his emotional range. He doesn't have an accent, but he is uneducated but was raised around intellectual people. So he knows big words but also talks sloppy.

“Don’t you think that’s inconsiderate? Spilling’ yer garbage outta every pore! Yer disgusting!”

“Your fat makes you look fat!”

“If you want something to fear, I’ll gladly oblige!” followed by a low chuckle.

“Oh don’t you give me the googly eyes, Mittens! You’re in big trouble!”

“And I shall call you…Booties!”

“Hey-uh…You shouldn’t walk around unarmed. Even claws like yours can’t stop everything. So uh, here… I made you this dagger.”

Sadistic laugh. (He’s fighting and enjoying the havoc he’s causing)

Maniacal laugh. (He’s upset/scared. It’s a kind of nervous laugh, at a much higher pitch than his sadistic laugh)

“He’s… he’s my creator—he…h-he…h-how did he find me?! How did he…? He’s…he’s—he’s going to take me back! He’s going to take me back, Seiron!” Cyrus in a panic, after he sees Armand for the first time in the series. In this scene he is grabbing at Seiron.

“Heheh… heh… Science is a wonderful thing! Did you know--heheh…did you know that… through science, everything can be put into a cup a measured! One can determine—t-to the tiniest second, how long it takes a person to drown?—Heheh.. heheh-heh---O-or how about…how much pressure it takes for bones to break?! Or-or what about…th-the body’s reaction t-to chemicals?! With the marvels of science, every…everything can be controlled—l-like-environmental factors or even intangible elements such as the subject’s will to live!” Over-exaggerated happiness.

Rori: Rori is an aggressive, deeper-voiced girl. Tends to be cold and cynical most of the time. If she's angry enough, she can get louder and more aggressive. When she's upset, she gets quiet and tries not to show her emotions. When she's happy, she's usually snarky or sarcastic. When she's angry, she's either seething or furious. If she's upset, she's more soft spoken and quiet, but hardly ever cries or loses control. She doesn't have an accent.

"So let me get this straight. You two managed to get fired from every job in town before you even had a chance to start?" - Snarky.

"Heh--Revenge taste good?"

"What I wouldn't give to be able to work a human job again!" - Angry undertone. Rori says this in response to another character telling her "I don't see you looking for a job!" Rori can't work a human job because she is stuck in an animal body.

"You...you stand there on your moral high horse and think you have any right to tell me what is right and wrong?! Tell me something, Sir Right-A-lot, where is your country?! What kind of knight are you to have let your country burn to the ground?! Before you go around telling us damsels what to do, how about you look at what you're doing?!" - Rori is enraged. This is from the end of the first season, when she's trying to steal a Draken egg for the chance to turn human again, and Cain is trying to stop her.

"I know...I know you don't need me. And I know I don't...have any right to tell you what to do...but could I... I need to ask you a favor, okay? Run, Cera. Please. And don't look back." - Breathless, exhausted and sad. This scene takes place much later in the series, when when Rori is protecting her daughter from an attacker. Rori and Cera have a very strained relationship, and Cera doesn't acknowledge Rori as her mother.

Slow gasp. “What am I doing…?” This is when she is in were-wolf form and goes into a rage. During the destruction, there comes a point when she sees her own reflection. Throughout the story, she is afraid of losing herself to her lycanthropy entirely and becoming a monster. In this moment, she realizes that she has just become what she feared most.

“There is nothing brave in being unafraid to die.” Neutral tone, somber, almost unemotional. Rori’s response to Larkspur when Larkspur tells Rori that she admires her for being so brave (because Rori seems fearless and Larkspur is a timid, nervous girl). Rori actually believes that Larkspur is the brave one, because she faces her fears.

Drax: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzu3IT590h4 Speech pattern like David Xanatos. Voice itself sounding closer to Greed from the original FMA anime - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR-KOasaRnM&feature=related

“…surprise?” This is when Drax’s secret has been found out, and his human illusion is destroyed during a public speech. He just looks at all of the horrified and confused people, smiles and shrugs.

“Not on my floors! They were just cleaned—you are paying for this, you know?”

“So, Grimm…when I mentioned the whole ‘you need to be more inconspicuous’ thing…I believe we might have had a little misunderstanding. See last time I checked, wearing a dress in public tends to draw attention.”

Seiron: Seiron is a gentle giant. He has a deep voice, and can sound frightening or sinister if he wants to. But most of the time he talks like the T-rex in Toy Story. He’s very kind and pays a lot of attention to those he cares for (though he is not heroic. If someone he doesn’t know is in trouble, he won’t do a thing to help. He helps only his own kin.) He’s also very nosey and can’t keep secrets. However, he is not purposely a gossip. He is just very interested in everything that is going on.

“They don’t even have a reason to fear us! We haven’t done anything to them but create a home for them to belong to! Humans are such fools! …oh, uh, sorry, Grimm.”

“Cyrus, why is human courtship so strange? With us gargoyles, all we have to do is hang upside down and spread our wings to impress our love interest.”

“It’s okay… don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

“Even though it hardly seems that way, now, Gargoyles are born to protect. Guardianship is in our blood—but there was nothing worth protecting in the slave mines. What good is gold to someone who has nothing else? But now…things are different.”

Armand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g3W_wFPbhA I imagine Armand sounding like Folken, the deep voiced guy in the cloak. Armand is a doctor who is almost constantly in ‘doctor mode’. He is very calm and collected, though unlike Vektor he is not completely monotone.

“The first rule is to never look them in the eyes.”

“The ends justify the means.”

“Emotions are merely chemicals reacting to certain stimuli. With the right chemical compounds, it would be easy enough to simulate any sensation.”

“The laboratory has been breached. Vektor, engage the enemy.”

Vektor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8OGXFsFENM&feature=related I imagine his voice (not his speech pattern) sounding like Tsume, the guy in the black leather in the beginning. Vektor is very detached, unemotional and talks like a robot.

Mission accepted.”

“Damage report. Left arm at 60% functionality.”

“Vektor’s objective, follow orders.”

“Denied…Denied. Denied. Denied. Denied! Denied!

Malachi: Very pleasant and polite speech pattern. Very formal and civil, and always sounds happy or at least optimistic. He treats everyone as if he is their mentor, teacher or father.

“Hello class! I am so sorry for my absence but I trust everything has gone well since I’ve been away?”

“Remember…here at the school we must always look after each other. Because outside of these walls is a dangerous place, and no one else will.”

“If you saw a positive future, it’s safe to assume you wouldn’t do anything to change it, right? Your visions are a call to action, Sir Strata. You have been given a very powerful gift – not just a way to change the future, but a way to make it as it should be.”

Lukas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4OeJjgfYTELukas sounds like Voldo’s hissing, but with words.

“You want to make the illusion real…? What price are you willing to pay?”

“I can alter…biological makeup… I can make you…perfect…”

“Foolish girl… you would have won… had you foregone the baggage…”

Bianca: She is exceptionally intelligent so talks like a high class nobleman. However, she can be manic, and can fly into an explosive rage over unreasonable situations.

"Alright...I need to pick up fish oil, fine ash, and elephant pearls."

"Mmm...two beefy, sweaty men fighting each other. My kind of entertainment...maybe I'll ask the winner out."

"LUKAS! Quit! Being! Creepy!" This is Bianca's reaction to being startled by Lukas. She is also pulling on his frills as she says this.

"Hey...do you like what you see?" Seductive.

"Is that...are you telling me no? You are definitely not telling me no, are you? Because if you are, you are making a very grievous mistake. I don't take no as an answer, do you understand?!" She has just seduced someone, and the person she's seducing is having second thoughts.

"Armand! What is this?! What is this?! Get rid of it! I will not have this!" She is complaining about a pimple, or a rash, or any kind of very minor irritation. She is also sticking said discomfort in Armand's face.

Guile: Guile is a very friendly, jovial prankster who seldom takes anything seriously. He's energetic, and he'll wear a smile and laugh even if he's upset. He sounds like a young man, to the extent that a woman with a deeper voice may be able to pull him off. His accent has posed a bit of a challenge. An older version of Guile used to have a southern gentlemanly accent (such as one from West Virginia or Georgia) speaking in slang. However, since the story's setting has been changed to more of a European-based world and Guile is from the same general region as Cain, it would make more sense for Guile to have a Cockney or otherwise European accent, or at least standard American. A regional American accent may no longer fit in Fate Saga's world, but I have had trouble getting Guile's energy to come through with a Cockney accent (I've also had trouble finding anyone who can replicate the Cockney accent at all, which may be part of the problem). So currently I am in between possibly going back to his older Southern accent, going with a more standard American accent, or staying with Cockney. For anyone who may be interested in trying out as Guile, if possible, please try out with any of the following accents if you're able to: Southern accent, standard American accent, Cockney.

Guile's lines have been written without any accent. Feel free to alter the lines as much as would make them more comfortable to say.

These first 4 lines are from a scene that was done as a test several years ago. A badly animated old version of this scene is available here, for the context. The dialogue has been changed to fit the more mythical European atmosphere. Guile is trying to teach a class, but has no training or even any idea of what he is supposed to be teaching them:
"Hey kiddies! My name's Guile Thantos and I'm going to be your instructor today! Today there's gonna be a lot of learning going on, so let's get started!"

"Today's lesson of the day is...Arithmetic!"

"I knew that...! Just testing you! You all pass!"

"Hey girl. You're looking good! You're just in time for sex ed. After the kiddies go home, how about we go to dinner and the theater? ...and by dinner, I mean do the nasty. And by theater, I mean with an encore!"

"You remind me of my Grandpa. He's a knight, just like you! He's a knight of...uh...well he's a knight of everyone! He just... he's just, uh, he just be serving all the countries! One's just not enough for him, really!" - Guile comparing Cain to his grandfather. Guile looks up to his grandfather as an amazing man and knight, but in fact his grandfather is a cruel mercenary. Guile's not the type of guy who can handle the full truth so he tends to sugarcoat things.

"You're... you're kidding, right? You don't really mean it? You're just... you're just being hard on me! That's all! You're just being tough on me--to make me stronger and all that!" - Guile is talking to his grandfather, after his grandfather says some abusive things to him.

"K! K, stop! You already got her down! K! She's unconscious! K! Stop! Stop! She's just a girl! She's just a girl!" Guile fearfully yelling at Cain (K is Guile's nickname for Cain) when Cain goes too far during a fight.

Cera: She is a tough and boyish little were-wolf girl. I imagine her to have closer to a little boy's voice ('girlie' children voices tend to be too high pitched and feminine for Cera.) Cera is very mature for her 10 young years. She tends to take things too seriously and disdains any kind of parental enforcement. Her issues with abandonment inspire Cera's "I don't need anyone" kind of attitude, and her temper tends to get her into a lot of physical fights at the school. However, Cera respects Malachi as her professor, and younger children really like her protective, big sister attitude. And, once in awhile, she can get carried away and have fun like a normal child should.

"...I guess Papa's not coming today. It's alright. I... have a lot of homework to finish anyway." Quiet, dejected but trying not to get too emotional.

"I heard Teacher's sick and won't be coming in today." Informative.

"Don't talk to me like a kid! I'm almost eleven! I'm practically an adult!" Angry, annoyed. This is an 'issue' Cera has to deal with all the time. She's a ten year old who thinks she's thirty.

"You can't tell me what to do! I don't need you! I never needed you! And you were never there even if I had!" Angry, upset. She's yelling at her parents.

"Hey! If you're big enough to pick on a little kid, then you're big enough to fight someone your own size! Come on! If you go easy on me just cause I'm a girl, that'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make!" Cera confronting bullies to protect younger/smaller children.

"Teacher...you feel it too, right? This...tension is making my fur stand on end..! N-not that I'm scared or anything--but the little kids might be." This is during a scene where there's a sharp incline of psychic energy that's so strong even the non-psychics can feel it. Cera is nervous, but she's not one to admit to weaker emotions so she's voicing her concerns but keeping it clear that she's worried only that the other children might be scared.


Is the voice for Cyrus already taken? I just encountered this by chance on Google and wanted to try out the voice.

You can contact me at my email at: whitechaos666@gmail.com

This is Scott, the voice actor for Cyrus and a few others. Sorry I am his permanent voice actor, but there are several other roles that are open so check those out too!

I would like to be cera my email is brittanyabiakam@yahoo.com and Facebook is also the same (: I want to voice act for anything actually I'm practicing for voicing male roles but for now girls and younger boys and girls fit me (: or dark voice males since I'm trying to practice on my male voice tones Dx well email me or message me on Facebook thank you

I'd love to try out voice acting for Rori. :)
Want me to send the recording to you over e-mail?

I was going to try Rori but she's taken, however, I like the sound of Bianca equally-shall I email you my recording?:)

I have recorded some lines for Cera, my email is sakurablossom013@yahoo.com :o
Shall I email you the lines? Contact me, please (uwu)

Hello, my name is Adam and I was looking around for some Voice acting spots when I found your site. I went through and read each of the characters and their voice samples. I feel that I achieved a good Armand voice as per the way you described him. I have the sample if you would like to take a listen to it. Email me at rataius91@yahoo.com and I will send you the sample recording. Cheers!

I just wanna know what type of accent dose cera have?

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Are all the roles taken? Please let me know, i would appreciate it :)

Hey, was wondering if all the rolls are taken? My email is the21stballad@gmail.com, I will send in some of my recordings if you'd like? :)

I'm guessing, I'm too late...

Wait...can someone tell me what this is for. I was just using it to practice voice acting.

Oh..that's pretty cool. I just had a look through the website myself. If you ever need a wiseman or a wizard like character I could give it a shot. My email is shonarossco@hotmail.co.uk All the best with the series and Good luck for future seasons.

Hello. I was wondering if the spot for Cera is still open? Or if not, I was wondering if I can send in a sample just for the fun it?

Is this still a pre-production stage project? I would like to VO audition for a male character if there is still availability and time.

“Congratulations ADMIN! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”

click here

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Hello, my name is Andre Moglione and despite being a male I think I'd be pretty ok at doing Cera's line.

If this isn't out dated which I'm desperately hoping it isn't, please do contact me at any time through skype (mylasthopeisyou) deviantArt (moggers96) or E-mail (moggers96@gmail.com) and I'll send you a sample.

One of the editors at Bang Zoom put this short clip together and we thought you might like to see a bit of the AiVA
Voice Acting

I was wondering if auditions for Drax were still open. If they are, can you send me an email? My email is jdrhill96@gmail.com. I looked over the videos for Drax's style and I believe I could do a decent job with him.

Not sure if there are any voices left to be voiced. However, if there are I'd like to take a stab at any of them. Also, if you're having trouble with the accent of Guile still you might try an Irish-sounding, Liverpool, or Scottish sounding accent. If you care to use my voice feel free to e-mail me at: Shenantastic@gmail.com. I can then promptly send you a sample.

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If possible I would like to audition for Cain, I can email the voice clips to you if you wish me too, I think I may have a voice suitable for such a character, if you wish for me to send a sample of a line of your choice, please email me at T.Hilton696@yahoo.com.

Excuse me, I'd like to try out for Guile. I'm willing to attempt all three of the accents for the script. Contact me at Johnson.Wyley@gmail.com Also willing to try anything else.

Could I try out for Cera? I can change my voices slightly. I can do an great female, male and childish voice. Email me: XxZeldaxAnimusxX@yahoo.com

Id like to try for Cyrus, i am a girl however i can do the line well since i have a deep voice anyway :) Email me: BluexxDj@gmail.com

I want to try out for Cera,since I'm only a few years older than she is...

I found the post very useful as well as interesting .Really it is a nice blog, You have given good contribution of Voice Over service And Translator Services.. This all information are very useful for me.Thank you
English voice overs

I would very much like to try out for the part of Cain if the part is at all free, I am a British student and I'm willing to send you audio files if you're interested, my email is cdrffth@gmail.com, I hope to hear from you.

Hello I was wondering if the part for Cera was filled. If not, I would love to voice her. Please email me at thearns46@gmail.com

Hi I was wondering if there is anyone doing Rori. If not I would love to try her out. From what I heard, my voice is neither too deep nor too feminine and I tend to yell and boss people a lot. You can email me at dramakat18@gmail.com.

If Rori is already taken, I would love to try cera:)

I feel like some of my personalities relate to hers and I think I can do well with her part- having yelled at others sometimes, like that, etc.

I have younger siblings who can be annoying and loving sometimes and I have experience with taking over the parent role- being about 10 yrs difference. Please email me how I can send my recording. Thanks

Is there a chance Bianca is still available?

I'm a bit new but I'd like to voice Cera if the voice is still available, I can send you recordings if you want at tjandryzeck@gmail.com

Doubt it since this blog is 7 years old but is Cain available, I'm British and have been told I have a rather posh British accent email is antco.christophides@gmail.com

Is Bianca already taken cause I would love to be her. My email address is cinnamontricks@gmail.com

I know this blog is from a few years ago, but is Cera taken yet? She sounds like a great character. My email is jazzychick12@gmail.com I'd love to send you some recordings!

Hi, I'd love to try for Bianca if she's still available emails victoriaerinn63@gmail.com

Hello! This may be old but I would like to be a voice actor for Cera. I'm 12 years old but I can make a kinda good loli voice. I can send you some recordings that I did for her lines.

Contacts me at email: samantha.sam.rgh@gmail.com

Discord: Trxsh 1s M3#9080

Hello I did some recordings for Cera email me at Lulua5539@gmail.com and i ll send you the recordings

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