17 April 2011

Illustration - Only Human

This is an illustration I did based off of Fate Saga's season finale, Only Human. I'm playing around with ideas for what could happen in the episodes, and in here Rori is succumbing to her lycanthropy and has transformed into her were-wolf form. When she transforms, her instincts take over and it's almost like a second personality. Rori's own personality shifts to the back of the were-wolf's consciousness and for awhile she is purely feral.

This is a defense mechanism meant for were-wolf cubs who are too young to know how to fight on their own. Rori should be far too old to not have control over her were-form. However, she was 19 when she was transformed, and she had never been able to control her powers. Her bitterness over her lycanthropy and her unwillingness to try and learn might contribute to her stunted control. Not that she would accept such an explanation.


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