25 April 2011

Larkspur Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper to Larkspur, the socially anxious cleric from my original animated series, Fate Saga. Larkspur's a very sweet and kind middle class healer who works at the Monastery in Duero, the town where Fate Saga's first season takes place. She is a highly capable healer and a musician who sings at the Crystalin, a tavern that the main heroes frequent. When seeing her on the job or performing, one would think her as graceful as could be.

That is until they actually speak to her.

Larkspur is anxious and flighty, like a bird. She is especially socially anxious, but forces herself to face her fear by talking to people and be extroverted in spite of it. However, her nervousness makes her second guess everything she says and worry it's being taken the wrong way, which causes her to ramble to clarify what she had meant. Of course, this often leads her to putting her foot in her mouth (metaphorically...not literally) and thus makes everything sound worse than it actually is.


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