23 May 2011

Animation Magazine's Pitch Party Fate Saga Entry

EDIT: Enlarged the log line text from 11pt to 12pt font.

This is my entry-in-progress for Animation Magazine's 2011 Pitch Party. It's pretty much complete, with a couple of small alterations to make to the shadows, but I wanted to upload it here for critique before I send it out.

Because of the limited space in this entry, I figured it would be best to keep it down to just the log line. The background is taken from the Fate Saga postcards, and I tried to use the group shot from it as well, but the group shot was designed for horizontal format, not vertical. The characters had to shrink down too much to fit, and it simply didn't work. As a result, I decided to use Cain's image, from the posters I used when I was advertising at SCAD. It worked well as an advertising tool at the college, and adding the background and shadows I am hoping will help with the dramatic effect. Finally, with the blog's link on the bottom, it should give readers an easy way to access more information about the series.


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