06 May 2011

Calm Down

This was a gift comic drawn by my incredibly talented and amazing friend, Tracy MacLauchlan, of a crossover scene with Fate Saga's Cyrus and The Taffetas' Veil. Cyrus is a little crazy (little being an understatement), and at times Veil has to calm him from fits. This scene never happens in either Fate Saga or The Taffetas, and is instead based off of what-if crossover scenarios.

If interested in Veil or The Taffetas, I highly encourage you to take a look at Veil's story on The Taffetas' blog!


I bet the person that drew this smells like doodoo!!!!!!!11111 ;D The blog's looking great Dana.

The person who drew that comic smells like steaming butt cheeks!!!111 >.> But don't tell her I said that. ;D Thank you so much Tracy!!!

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