08 May 2011

The Complicated Tango of Reputation and Chance of Pitching Content to Companies

The last few weeks has been dedicated to the task of figuring out the who, where and how of pitching. For Warner Brothers, I had the advantage of having the opportunity presented to me through Savannah College of Art and Design (one of the many reasons why SCAD is a fantastic college.) I've come to realize just how difficult it is to get an audience with companies. Many won't even listen to you without an agent or some other form of representation. I guess it makes sense. They don't want a bunch of newbies with ego trips to pitch ideas they've all heard before.

However, there is hope! I've also discovered that there are pitching conventions where you can get an audience with the companies, as well as festivals which accept trailers and tv pilots. I'm also trying to network and get connections with some of these studios, so I can slip my pitch in to them.

Currently, I'm working on a video pitch for Fate Saga - for sponsors, channels and studios. It will also be posted on this blog and will be the next major update. The video pitch will also be used for Kickstarter, though possibly with some alterations.

In the meantime, let the pitching research, festival preparations and video pitch editing commence!


Good Luck Dana!!! I hope the hardship doesn't get you too down. I know you shall get it soon!

Break a leg, and keep on trucking!

Thank you very much for your support! I'll definitely keep doing my best! :D

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