29 May 2011

Florida Anime Experience

This weekend was spent promoting Fate Saga at Florida Anime Experience in Kissimmee, Florida. It was my first time actively promoting my original series at a convention and it'll be a little while before I'll know if it had any effect. But overall I think the outlook is promising!

The convention was small, but a lot of fun and the special guests, voice actors Steve Blum, Brett Weaver and Brittney Karbowski were so incredibly nice! I had an art table where I sell my normal items, but this time I also had an extra sign with Fate Saga prints, as well as postcards and my laptop constantly playing the trailer at a low volume.

I pitched the series to everyone - and I mean everyone! Regular con-goers, merchants, fellow artists, the guest voice actors and the fellows running the con. The pitches went better for some than others. Some were doing the whole nod and smile thing, but others seemed genuinely interested and a few gave some really good advice for where I can go from here. Overall a good experience!


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