15 May 2011

Rori Voice Acting Test by Celia Sullivan

This was the voice acting test with Celia, recorded from my laptop. Not only did she do a fantastic acting job, but the poor girl was even sick with a cold and still did so well. I had her voice the lines the way she wanted to, then had her try them the way I had imagined it. Interestingly, when I listened to both versions later, I ended up liking Celia's interpretation of Rori's voice more. She makes Rori sound more raw and emotive, especially during the last half of this test. It really shows the desperation and wrath in Rori's character so well.

The most important aspects of her character which I was hoping to come through in her voice is that Rori is harsh, cold with an underlying anger/cynicism. I think Celia captures all of that very well, and also has a naturally deep but still feminine voice which matches the character.


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