07 June 2011


Graduating Bianca, Vektor and Lukas. I figured it would be fun to celebrate with some of the villains. The heroes can't have all of the fun.

This weekend, I returned to Savannah College of Art and Design to do the graduation walk. For those who may not know me, from the moment I first applied to SCAD's Master of Fine Arts program, I knew I wanted to try and use Fate Saga as my Thesis. It had been a long and arduous process of trying to figure out how to put together all of the ideas and stories together in a Thesis film, and what would be worth talking about in the written component.

SCAD's MFA Thesis for the Animation program consists of a visual and written component that had to be related. The paper was not meant to be an extended artist's statement, so simply talking about the process was not enough. There had to be a concept that united both the paper and project. We have until 5 years after we start the graduate program to complete the Thesis, and very few students complete the Thesis by the time they complete their classes. With a lot of support and hard work, I was lucky to complete the Thesis literally on my last day of my last class.

Although school is finished, and the portion of Fate Saga that qualified as my Thesis are complete, now begins the new journey. The Thesis was a taste of what I wanted to do with Fate Saga, and helped me to prepare for my future plans with it.

It was both exciting to do the graduation walk with some of the amazing friends that I've made at SCAD, and sad that we're all now going our separate ways. However, at the same time, it's the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. I have no doubt that, one way or another, given a few years we'll all be somewhere in the industry. I am excited to see everyone's dreams coming true.


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