19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day from Fate Saga!

I was originally going to do a little postcard-type picture like I had done for Easter and Mother's Day, but then this comic came to mind and I figured it was about time to have something that shows a little more insight into the characters.

Drax is a very greedy, materialistic little Draken. And apparently he's going shopping with Cyrus. What are they shopping for? Probably some pants. It's a little hard for a mercenary to be inconspicuous running around in a dress. And Cyrus has managed not to make a scene in public thus far. Good for him! Even if Cyrus is unwittingly being a debbie downer!

Cyrus doesn't prefer to reveal much about his background, and Drax isn't the type to ask. However, Cyrus doesn't know what he is expected to know about the world, which comes across at times like these.

So where does Cyrus come from? A beam of light? Thin air? Did he split like an amoeba? Was he raised by a pack of wolves?

But, most importantly, will Drax find a way to capitalize on the holiday before it's over? The world may never know.


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