25 June 2011

Oh Lukas, You Sexy Beast, by Yesenia Carrero

This is Lukas, all gussied up and ready to go, by my very talented and amazing friend Yesenia Carrero! His design is based off of an older version of Lukas. In the beginning of 2011, Lukas went through a dramatic character design and personality change. Before then, he had been flamboyant and obsessed with human fashion and make-up. His current version still has the obsession with humans and humanoids, but now it's taken to a far more creepy and villainous level, to make him more compelling enemy as well as a more worthy subordinate to Armand.

Feel free to check out her blog and her original series co-created with Tracy MacLauchlan, The Taffetas!


Awe, you can have a creepy flamboyant person. :D

A fantastic picture none-the-less. Thumbs Up to Yesenia Carrero.

Thank you very much! Lukas is still flamboyant, but just taken to a much creepier level. His older version was more comedic and it was harder to take him seriously as a threat. But once the story gets going, you'll get to see glimpses of this side of Lukas' character. :D

And I agree! Yesenia did an amazing job!

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