23 July 2011

Bianca Voice Test by Ashley Sahler

Voice Test by Ashley Sahler

This was Ashley's test for Bianca, done for the pilot. Bianca herself makes a very brief, non-speaking appearance in the pilot episode. However, because the pilot episode has so many bystanders who speak (or, more appropriately, think aloud), it was a good way to test for the main cast while still giving them a purpose in the pilot whether the tests were successful or not.

Ashley is currently also Larkspur's voice actress, and is an absolutely perfect representation of the main hero. She also did a lovely job with Bianca! Her characterization was still in development at the time the lines were recorded, which is why this test doesn't have any of her emotional lines (angry, elated, sad, etc.) like many of the other character tests do. Eventually, I would like to try out some of her emotional lines, but for the time being, I love the sophisticated way Ashley speaks as Bianca. It makes the elf sound highly intelligent and haughty, as well as sinister.


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