13 July 2011

Countdown: One Week Until Fate Saga Launches on Kickstarter

One week from today, Fate Saga will launch on Kickstarter to start the 90 day fundraiser.

The way Kickstarter works is by allowing people to 'pledge' to donate to an artistic project. When the project is launched, it will include the amount of money needed to complete the film. Then, there will be a 90 day period where viewers can "pledge" a donation - which means they offer to donate - in return for rewards. The rewards Fate Saga will be offering are listed in the Pitch section.

Once the 90 day period is finished, if enough money has been raised, the pledges are deducted from the donators' accounts. If the project is even $1 under, then the fundraiser is canceled and all money is returned to the donators. This is to ensure that no donations would go to waste. It's literally all or nothing. However, if the amount asked for is met any time before the 90 days is over, the fundraiser will still continue until the 90 days is over.

The time between now and then will be to tweak the video and finish up additional graphics for the big day. This upcoming 90 day period will be a crucial time. If we can get the funding for the pilot episode, we'll not only be able to put a deadline on it, but also be able to afford the production quality that will give a great preview for what the series will look like in its entirety once it's picked up.

Once the pilot is complete, it will be sent along with the pitch package to companies, as well as submitted to animation and film festivals. Ultimately, we're hoping to use the pilot as a means to gain attention and sponsorship to launch the production of the entire series.

Lets do our best!


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