24 July 2011

Gift Art: A Minor Disagreement

I was doing an Art Trade with Tracy MacLauchlan and Yesenia Carrero (the creators of The Taffetas) today. My request for Tracy was Rori arguing with Cain. She first sent me the above image, and I thought Rori looked pretty cool and angry (and I love Tracy's feminine style!) ...and then I discovered that had been her warm up sketch for the one below.

Guys, I think they're going to need a mediator! I love the way Cain frames Rori (who looks like a demon about to jump him like a facehugger!), using his body, the sword and the cape. Really cool composition! And Rori looks scary, like she's in the beginning stages of transforming into her were-form!

Feel free to check out more of Tracy's beautiful artwork on her blog!


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