30 July 2011

Larkspur Quick Sketches

These were some sketches I did for Larkspur, the main heroine of Fate Saga. Larkspur is a very sweet, albeit nervous girl. Larkspur is severely lacking in self confidence and tends to be a skittish bird who's easy to startle. However, despite her worries, she is a cleric who always manages to have it together during emergency situations. She is also a musician, who sings at the Crystalin, a local tavern in Duero that the main heroes frequent.

The instrument she is playing in the sketches was originally meant to be a guitar, but at the time I was on an airplane and didn't have access to any references. However, when I showed the sketches to a friend of mine, he noted that it looked more like a mandolin. It was a very interesting note and one I plan to look into. I haven't yet found any suitable instruments she could be 'known' for using, other than her voice, so you may at different times find her with different instruments unless/until I find the perfect one(s) for her.


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