02 July 2011

Malachi Voice Test by Scott Smith

Voice acting test by Scott Smith

In Metrocon 2011, I met a gentleman named Scott Smith who was interested in trying out for Fate Saga's Cyrus. On Sunday, after the convention was over, we did a test recording for Cyrus and, at the conclusion of that, I also asked if he could try for Malachi as well because I felt he might be a good match.

Scott did a fantastic job as both Cyrus and Malachi. He has a great range not only to the tone of his voice (being capable of raising it to a falsetto, as well as dropping it to almost a baritone), but also in how he displays emotions through his voice. He did a great job with both Malachi and Cyrus, and managed to make them both sound completely different from each other. This is his test for Malachi. Cyrus' will be uploaded in the near future as well.


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