08 July 2011

Malachi Wallpaper

Malachi Wallpaper by Dana Corrigan

This is a wallpaper from one of the more minor (but still important) characters, Malachi Maelstromm. Malachi is a professor from the Duerian School of Gifted Youths, where he trains children with special abilities on how to use their powers. He moved to Duero shortly after it was constructed, and helped to found the school.

Malachi is a gentle, soft-spoken man who often takes a fatherly role not only to the children of the school, but also other forlorn characters or those who are struggling with their powers. Often, Larkspur goes to him for advice and Cain also seeks his wisdom at some point.

Like Cain, Malachi is also psychic. However, his powers pertain to telepathy and telekinesis. Malachi's control over his ability leads to others considering him to be one of the most powerful psychic in the world.


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